bravo pour ce (futur) site !

# 21/12/2006 à 09:00 bth48
Même si le marché est maintenant limité, le tourne disques n'est pas mort, nos armoires regorgeant de vinyls !
A noter à la Fnac, un td doté d'une prise USB permettant de les numériser directement sur son ordi, pratique, résultats assez bons, dommage toutefois qu'il faille aller sur le net pour dégoter un mode d'emploi complet en français ...
# 17/03/2011 à 11:47 TAP TALAP TALAP TAP
# 17/03/2011 à 11:48 NIAN NIAN NIAN
# 17/03/2011 à 11:49 NIAN NIAN NIAN
# 08/11/2012 à 19:35 Walsoa
There are major aspects to consider when picking a automobile electric battery:, Age group, Cold-cranking amps, Size, Brand, Preserve ability, Age Age the particular battery provides rounded fonts an individual a thought on what long it can carry out. It's furthermore nice to possess around to learn that you could maximize living of the battery power minus the threat of being stranded somewhere. To make sure you which it will be refurbished to full capacity, let it remain in the phone chrgr regarding - times. The sidewalls also needs to end up being examined for scuffs as well as bruises.
# 13/10/2014 à 11:34 LE GROS KIKOULOL DE LA VIE
ALT Codes for Drawing

Welcome to Useful Shortcuts, THE Alt Code resource!

If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below.

If you need help using alt codes find and note down the alt code you need then visit our instructions for using alt codes page.

List of Alt Codes for box drawing with text characters

ALT Codes for Mathematical Symbols
Alt Code Symbol Alt Code Symbol
Alt 176 ░ Alt 200 ╚
Alt 177 ▒ Alt 201 ╔
Alt 178 ▓ Alt 202 ╩
Alt 179 │ Alt 203 ╦
Alt 180 ┤ Alt 204 ╠
Alt 181 ╡ Alt 205 ═
Alt 182 ╢ Alt 206 ╬
Alt 183 ╖ Alt 207 ╧
Alt 184 ╕ Alt 208 ╨
Alt 185 ╣ Alt 209 ╤
Alt 186 ║ Alt 210 ╥
Alt 187 ╗ Alt 211 ╙
Alt 188 ╝ Alt 212 ╘
Alt 189 ╜ Alt 213 ╒
Alt 190 ╛ Alt 214 ╓
Alt 191 ┐ Alt 215 ╫
Alt 192 └ Alt 216 ╪
Alt 193 ┴ Alt 217 ┘
Alt 194 ┬ Alt 218 ┌
Alt 195 ├ Alt 219 █
Alt 196 ─ Alt 220 ▄
Alt 197 ┼ Alt 221 ▌
Alt 198 ╞ Alt 222 ▐
Alt 199 ╟ Alt 223 ▀
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